flutterby? (insertcotku) wrote in innerstorms,

This is my first bit here, I finally wrote something while laying in bed at night.

"You'd never guess the carpet was green
with sign of industry littering it
we're long overdue for an overhaul"

I'm disgusted with the repetition of
little bitch high schoolers pouring
over words
repeated over and over again
by supposed inspirationals
repeating the same ideas and
stories over and over again
filling the voids with rich-less words that add
to a bland
white-washed society

The revolution of your
dreams will never happen
because you lack the bleeding insides and cerebral currents
to face what they have to throw at you
or even see it coming

politics will continue
trees will die
we're all too complacent and determined
working so hard
and changing everything
to keep everything
the same.
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