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You Poor Illuminati

Forget responsibility,
Forgive control in time;
Forget that feeling's chemical
For nature's just divine.
Now Embrace Submission -
Ensure eternal worship won -
For in the savior's shadow
Lies your freedom from the Sun.

Remember vomiting in Athens?
Remind yourself of wicked range;
Remember standing on the bridge
For then real life was strange?
Now Embrace Submission -
Become your Burden's savage host -
For when you swear His absence,
He will want you with Him most.

You sang her southern summer's song,
You danced in evening's empty light;
You sang for her unendingly,
But never sang it right!
Now Embrace Submission -
Pretend that she will do the same -
And now your Heart is destined
To drive your hopeless head insane.

© 2005
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