ladyinday (ladyinday) wrote in innerstorms,

I am new

i just joined. here are a few i just wrote, last night

Christ would be crying

Christ would be crying
how could he stand the pain?
It would be worse then his crucifixion,
even worse then the pounding of stakes
through the bones of his hands and feet.
He would suffer the pain of millions
all hurt in his name.
Christ would be crying
and we would be turning away.

too much sugar and too much coffee

I wrote some bitter words just to taste them.
I had eaten too much sugar
and the coffee wasn't enough to balance it.
So I swallowed some bitter words
and stirred in too much self pity.
I tried to throw it up
by shoving a finger of self loathing
down my throat
but I couldn't get it down far enough
to trigger my gag reflex.
So now they are all
mixed together in my gut,
and the bitterness of the coffee
is sharpened against the words
while self pity makes the the sugar
sickeningly sweet and I think
I am going to throw up after all.
As I heave it all up into the basin
of my toilet, I think I see
the kernel of some long forgotten truth
floating in the water.
With a shrug of my shoulders,
I push down the metal handle,
sending it swirling
with all the rest
of the shit.

your's truly,
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