Slim (superslim) wrote in innerstorms,

Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose

Out of the ashes there arose
Of unmentionable beauty, a rose
That experienced such adversity
And here is the story

Looking out on life
Everything seemed right
But there came that fateful day
When things change, as well as the way

Battered and bruised
For what was deemed true
There was no more right
From that day on in her eye

Everything she ever held dear
Eventually in her eye made a tear
No longer wanting to see another day
For she believed no good would come her way

People are here to hurt
Then later desert
Was her mind set then
But all that changed with a friend

That one day changed her life
She no longer saw darkness but light
Once dead but now alive
Now can see and no longer blind

Sprouting from concrete
Surrounded with debris
Came a rose
Out of the ashes, she arose

Scarred by the past,
Bruised from her last
attempts of something deadly,
Wounded by people being worldly

Emerged from the grave
In victory, her hands she did raise
Though scarred by the enemy
Now she is a thing of beauty
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