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This is not really meant to be gay (believe it or not) :p

A Man’s Love Found
/ Experiments pt. 1

The man returned home
with his companion,
who did the talking for the pair
and later on would take control

(to which our man learned
to give in through love)

And ritual was worshiped
before consummation
of glory in and of itself.

The shaft was firm in tender hand,
Love’s lighting streaming from it
as a glow of Light –
China White’s pale moon –
with electricity.

Halo Theory
/ Experiments pt. 2

Under a heavier influence
Time and being and matter
Become measurable in the distance
between our reality
and another reality in time.

In this distance
Energy encircles us
In otherworldly glow –

This is the aura of writ.

© West Point, December 2004
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