jersey3724 (jersey3724) wrote in innerstorms,

seven kisses

the first kiss ever
was under peter's blanket in kindergarten at naptime
and we felt so adult in the dark

at fifteen
john and i were running in the rain
across campus and
laughingly we kissed
with water down our faces and in our hair

next year i would be kissing
his ex
my best friend's older sister
and that was it

i kissed my teacher at
and we kissed for a year aftwerwards
we kissed in coffee shops
and along the canal
and on his
vintage chopper the motorbike not the helicopter

last summer
tony and i kissed under
the moon and stars
in the taos valley when we ate peyote
and our tent was being kicked in by a donkey
we were so happy

in the snow
paul kissed me
in the wide fields
coming back from the skating rink
it was pitch black

the seventh hasn't happened yet
and it won't for a year or
more if at all
but when it does
i won't be saying anything
because that remains between
you and me
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